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Federal Court Enjoins Shaker Heights from Blocking Message of Tax-Increase Opponents

Cleveland, OH – A federal court enjoined the City of Shaker Heights from further harassment of Shaker Heights residents city officials silenced through threat of a frivolous trademark lawsuit. The threat had come in retaliation for the citizens’ opposition to the City of Shaker Heights’ attempt to increase income taxes on residents through an August […]

Obamacare: The Way Forward in Ohio

Friends, You, like me, were no doubt inundated with punditry on the fallout of the Obamacare ruling last Thursday and Friday. We didn’t follow suit. I did not found the 1851 Center to gab. We exist to advance liberty and limit government, whether we’re taking the lead, or simply supporting you. Of course, we’re not […]

High Court Rebukes Attack on Cincinnati Charter Schools

CPS Deed Restrictions Against Charter and Private Schools Illegal, Cincinnati Charter Schools to Remain Open Columbus – Cincinnati Public Schools’ (CPS) policy of prohibiting the sale of unused available public school buildings to charter schools and private schools is unlawful and must end, ruled the Supreme Court of Ohio. This decision rebuffs CPS efforts to […]

Westerville Taxpayers Move to Repeal March Tax Increase

On May 7, 2012 taxpayers for Westerville Schools, with the representation of the 1851 Center,commenced circulation of an initiative petition to repeal the 6.71 mil tax increase narrowly approved in March after taxpayers defeated a similar measure at the November 2011 general election. The Westerville effort marks the inaugural action of the 1851 Center in […]

Center Participates in Civil Rights Forum

On April 4, 2012, The 1851 Center participated in an event conducted by The Ohio Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. The forum was aimed at investigating barriers to economic development in the state of Ohio and was conducted at Wilmington College. Maurice Thompson, executive director of the Center, explained that economic freedom is […]

1851 Center Efforts cited in Missouri News Horizon

On March 12, 2012, The Missouri News Horizon wrote about the economic damage caused by Kansas’s ban on smoking in bars. The article details the hardships placed on small business owners and cites the efforts of the 1851 Center. Read the full article here.

Is an Obamacare Exchange Legal in Ohio?

  This 1851 Center analysis explains how the Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment, Section 21 of Ohio’s Bill of Rights, forbids Ohio officials from imposing Obamacare health care exchanges on Ohioans. The document also explores reasons that such exchanges are an unwise policy choice.

Legal Centers Move to Protect Rights of University of Cincinnati Students to Petition for Workplace Freedom on Campus

On February 22, 2012, The 1851 Center filed suit in federal court on behalf of UC students prohibited from gathering signatures and simultaneously discussing the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment with their fellow students. The legal action, which includes a demand for an immediate injunction against UC’s policies prohibiting non-disruptive political speech, was filed on behalf […]