Federal Court Upholds Andover Township Residents’ Constitutional Rights

1851 Center Wins Injunction Against Andover Township Officials Who Blocked Constitution Day Rally

(COLUMBUS) Wednesday a federal court granted the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law a temporary injunction against Andover Township in Ashtabula County. The ruling is a victory for Andover Township residents who were previously blocked by township officials from celebrating Constitutional Day (Sept. 17) with a rally at a public park.

The order was issued by Judge Donald C. Nugent.

On Thursday, Sept. 9, the 1851 Center filed a complaint and temporary restraining order against township officials in U.S. District Court in Cleveland. The complaint charged township officials had violated the Constitutional rights of residents by denying use of Andover Public Square for a Constitution Day rally. The officials deemed the event too political.

The 1851 Center, a non-partisan public interest law firm, is representing residents Margaret L. Slingluff, Emily Kobialko and Scott Bankson, organizers of the “Andover Tea Party,” in the action.

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