Defending School Choice

Cincinnati Public Schools’ have a policy of prohibiting the sale of unused available public school buildings to charter schools and private schools. Here, the 1851 Center argues to the Ohio Supreme Court that this policy is unlawful and must end.


Healthcare Freedom Amendment Discussion

Maurice Thompson discussed Issue 3 (The Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment) with Empower U, which is an initiative of several Tea Party groups, built to help educate people about limited government and fiscal responsibility.


Workplace Freedom Amendment

Press conference for the unveiling of the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment, an effort to place a constitutional amendment before voters to make Ohio a Right to Work state.

Ten Principles Vital to Engaging in Civic Duty

1851 Center Executive Director Maurice Thompson discusses “Ten Principles” of civic involvement during a forum at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio.

Workplace Freedom Amendment Videos

Click here for videos related to the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment

Issue 2 Debate

Here, management-side labor attorney Gary Greenberg and union counsel Stephen Lazarus debate the legal impact of Senate Bill 5 at a forum hosted by the Columbus Chapter of the Federalist Society and the 1851 Center.

Freedomwatch Appearance

Maurice Thompson and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss how the government strays from the Constitution during a special taping of Fox News’ Freedom Watch Live at OSU.

OSU Federalist Society Address

Maurice Thompson addresses smoking bans, state constitutional law and private property rights during a presentation to the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Federalist Society on January 13, 2011.

NPR Debate

1851 Center for Constitutional Law Executive Director Maurice Thompson debates liberal academics and activists on the significance of the nation’s guiding document on National Public Radio’s “To the Point” program. Thompson argues the Constitution is a binding contact between the people and government in which the peoples’ rights and liberties are articulated.